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Compassionate Communities Northern Ireland is committed to connecting communities through compassionate action and changing attitude and behaviour towards life, age, death and bereavement.

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The Cause


We believe that death and dying are social issues as well as a medical issue.

Sadly, many people impacted by advanced illness and frailty report feeling lonely and socially isolated.  Loneliness and social isolation negatively affects a person’s mental, emotional and physical health.  The damage to health is widely accepted to be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The reality is that people living with advanced illness and frailty experience a ‘social death’ long before their physical death.  Social isolation also affects their caregivers and those people living with bereavement .


Our Aim

To improve the experiences of death, dying and bereavement for everyone in Northern Ireland.




We are committed to making people more aware of the challenges that people face when dealing with death, dying and bereavement.  We aim to promote a compassionate response that will support people on their final journey and the continued journey for those they leave behind.

We also know that talking and planning for death and dying helps us to live better.  It is important to see end of life as part of life and making advance decisions about our own end of life journey.

Our Programmes

Our programmes encourage conversation, facilitate compassionate support and promote practical planning  for future care needs and end of life.

Final Chapters

Education for Everyone

What you need to know about Palliative Care and End of Life Care

Advance Care Planning

Everyone’s Responsibility

Practical guidance on how to ensure your preferences for end of life are known.

Compassionate Conversations

Let’s talk death and dying…

Normalising conversations about death and dying.

Compassion in Action

Compassionate Neighbours

Information and guidance on how to reach out and offer emotional and practical support

The Heart of Living and Dying

How much time do we spend thinking or talking about the things that are important in our lives or planning ahead?

Comfort Packs

Comfort Packs containing basic hygiene essentials provide comfort to patients and their families when they are admitted to hospital.


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