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Meet the Palliative Care Experts

Meet the Experts’ is a video series of professionals who are involved in supporting people living with advanced illness and frailty to the end of their lives.  These videos are very useful to raise the awareness of services available and also to educate the public.

Compassionate Communities NI, in collaboration with various health and social care professionals from Northern Trust, Western Trust, Foyle Hospice and Marie Curie, co-designed a series of 10 videos that introduces a number of health and social care professionals that people are likely to meet during their palliative care and end of life care journey. All resources are available for public use and are hosted on the ‘Resources’ page.

Why these videos are needed

How these videos improve a person’s wellbeing

Why these videos are needed

Being diagnosed with an advanced illness for many, is described like ‘falling off the edge of cliff’.  Most people have little to no experience of managing a serious illness and find it overwhelming when they are suddenly thrust into the health and social care world.  This devastating news also extends to those people closest to them.

Feeling overwhelmed can increase a person’s sense of fear and reduce feelings of control; both impact a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing and can affect some of the decisions they make.  It is therefore, vitally important that people really understand what is happening and how they can access information that will support them to improve their quality of life.

How these videos improve a person’s wellbeing

Improving a person’s access to information can assist them to make informed decisions about their care and increase a sense of control; ultimately ensuring that their wishes are considered.

These videos complement verbal and written information provided by healthcare professionals. It is hoped that access to these multiple media resources will reach a larger population and deepen people’s understanding of the different palliative care services available to them.  This series is a further addition to existing digital resources hosted on, other resources/videos include Advance Care Planning, Legal Considerations and Funeral Planning.

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