It’s not the end, only the beginning

Reaching Out

Over two months ago CoCo reached out and connected with local business, Moji, and community organisation, Studio 2 to help them with a meal delivery initiative.  An early example of compassion in action the service helped to support vulnerable people self-isolating and shielding against Coronavirus.

Today marks the last day of service, as we ease back into a ‘new normal’ way of life.  Over the past 73 days approximately 22,000 meals have been delivered across the city. This act of kindness not only filled the stomachs of many but filled their hearts with love.  Simply knowing that you are not alone helps people to feel less isolated and gives people hope in the face of adversity.


Derry~Londonderry has risen to the challenge in responding to the threat of Covid-19. Not uncommon at a time of crisis there follows a swell of compassionate response.  A response devoid of profit but makes you feel like the richest person alive.  Starting with the voluntary closure of pubs and bars on St Patrick’s Day, local business people chose people over profit.

While the virus threatened our livelihoods, education, freedom of movement and our safety individuals, businesses and communities have come together to make the impossible possible.  The local response and acts of kindness have realised true connectedness that builds stronger and more resilient communities – this is Compassionate Communities.

Let us not forget

As we inch our way back into a new normal let us not forget a couple of powerful lessons.  Firstly, people living with advanced illness and frailty often live in isolation, sadly for many self-isolation is their ‘normal’ way of living.  This should not be their reality.

Secondly, remember the power we have to change the lives of others, individually and collectively.  It is everyone’s responsibility, at all times, to support the most vulnerable in our communities. Human suffering is more bearable when people feel supported.

CoCo has been delighted to contribute to this grassroot initiative and we look forward to working with all involved in the future because ‘together we are stronger’.

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